All About Me

I was born on cold rainy day in September 5, 1998 in Goa, Camarines Sur, Philippines. I still live in Salog, Goa, Camarines Sur and currently taking BS Biology as a course at Partido State University. My mother is Virginia; my Father is Joel; and my brother is Joel Pacay Jr. We are four members in the family. My name is Maureen A. Pacay, 16 and I inherit a chinese blood from my grand mother

I have a beautiful cat. He is my baby and he is very lovely. I love my cat! Someday I will buy shitzu puppies, thats one of my dream! I really love pets. My hobbies are cooking and playing scrabble. I am also fond of reading scriptures, books and short stories. I’m weird.I do love chocolates. I am very good at hiding feelings. I am the princess of the family when I was a child, I always wore my precious crown whenever I go. Thats the epic moment of my childhood days.

I started to go to school when I was four years old through Little Angel Day Care Center. I went to elementary school when I was 6 years old; during those times I lived with my grandmother, that’s why I started to become independent because living without your family isn’t that easy at first. But when you did it yourself, there’s also an advantage in becoming independent. I love my family. My parents care about my education; they told me that ”education was the only key to success”. I always bear those words in my mind. Those six years were the happiest times in my memory. I had learned so many things, do the household chores and time management at my young age. The teachers would just give homework, and I am happy to enjoy some free time of myself. I graduated as the Class Salutatorian of our batch 2009-2010 at Salog Elementary School. I could consider it as a productive 6 years.

I studied in high school in a school named Visita de Salog High School from 2010 to 2014. In this school I had friends that counts, because not all the time I talked and laughed with my friends. In some other way, I had the other side of being a loner and workaholic person. My daily routine was always been full schedule for a busy person like me, but I still manage to deal with my friends and enjoy some days with them because they are part of my life. I always loved science, but in the course in numbers I was always worried. Mathematics is my failure ever since. When I was in high school, I lived with my mom and my brother, I am happy to be with them. First year high school, I became the President of the organization SAMAHAN NG MAG-AARAL SA FILIPINO (SAMAFIL) A/Y 2010-2011. I’m quite busy doing our various projects in the said organization.
I failed to be the President of Supreme Student Council during the election when I was in 2nd year. I accept it because I know what Sportsmanship means. Winning and losing is a part of every game. Third year life when I accepted the challenge to run again for SSC President and thanks to God because I won. When I reach 4th year H/S, I am the SSC President at the same time the Science & Math Organization President. Again and again we did different projects for the organization. Also I am the title holder of “MUTYA NG AGHAM AT MATEMATIKA 2013’’ conducted during the night of Science and Math Camp, which is one of our project in SCIMATH ORGANIZATION.
I enjoyed the last week in high school, not only for my friends but also because I learned so many things there and experiences that I would never forget. The teachers were very good people. My experiences in high school were quite memorable, I red e-books and novels; I also cooked for my friends. My friends and I enjoyed those moments because we told jokes, played, told stories and watched koreanovelas at my friend’s house. We are all kpop fanatics and I won’t forget those moments when we spazz together. When I remember those times, I want to come back to past and live it again. My friends and I were sad when the school year finished, because some of us were going to different universities. On the other hand, we were happy for our progress and our new important steps in our lives. I graduated as the First Honorable Mention and received 3 major leadership award from Vice-President Jejomar Binay;Francis Padua Papica Foundation Inc.; and Christian Innovative Leadership Award.

I am so excited to go to college, knowing the fact that this is the university where quality education comes first. As of now I am studying college at Partido State University taking up BS Biology.

Actually, BS Biology is not my first choice because all I want is BS Geology but since that I did not passed in the cut off that’s why my mom I choose BS Biology as my course. Maybe God has a better plan for me in Biology and all I can do is to trust him. Definitely, I’m still in the sense of accepting my course and my environment in college. (Not really). I choose BS Bio as my second course knowing that it is also a science related course in my school. I love to study Science. At first, I thought I don’t have future in Biology for the reason that it is not a quota course; however I realized that our future depends on us and how we deal with our life.

I admit it, that my heart is not wholly in biology; maybe someday I would learn to love biology and the only to it is acceptance in taking my course, loving what I’m doing in biology and trusting God’s will for my life. I’m still anticipating that one day I would love to study my lessons just the same way back the old times and putting so much efforts. Biology is an interesting subject to study and it depends on others how they describe this course. But for me it is an interesting subject to study about yet it’s not that easy subject to study especially when you started General Biology.

My family and friends keep me motivated in my studies day and night. My mom is my inspiration in my everyday life and because of her my efforts are worth it. Even though my mom is my ultimate enemy sometimes (just kidding) as she is the one who’s always been the boss that makes every decision for my life, what she wants for me, for my life. (That I hate anyway) I guess mom wants the best for me, thus I just keep on following her rules and despite of her attitude towards me, she’s always been my inspiration.

Friends are the person that keeps me going  they add colors to my life, the happiness, care, waley jokes, and their shoulder (whom can I lean on if I had a problem) are the best things of having friends. Most of all when I am down, they are the ones that will dig up the ground just to pull me up. I admit it, I am not that talkative and friendly that much but I can be your friend if you can handle my worst mood, and having the same flaws keep us being together and our differences that makes us grow stronger. I have been thankful to God to have my Barney&Friends (Dianna,Danielyn,Roseson,Sam,Lovely). Lastly, our God Almighty who’s the director of my life, my hope, my friend, my love and savior.

Five years from now, I am already 21 years old woman with my stable job here in the Philippines and currently working in laboratory as a researcher. Perhaps continuing to achieve my dreams and goals in life and saving money to buy a condo unit and a car.  It’s the start of being my workaholic as a person and I’m quite busy focusing on my career and family.

  Welcome to my Gallery!!

Meet my mom
Meet my mom
My Bestfriend
Bicol for Christ Activity
My one and only brother

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