Synthetic Polymers – A Marine and Environmental Long term Threat Nowadays


              In this world full of different elements, we as humans must care about the place we are living today. We live in a modern world through the latest technologies,life and things becomes easier for us, making impossible things be possible through modernization but have you ever wondered about the habitat of other living organisms being disrupt and destroyed due to the abusive activities of man to nature?

In Marine Environment, even the smallest plankton have life and contributes to the equilibrium of our biodiversity,and if these smallest organisms gets died because of the chemicals present in the synthetic polymers there will be a tendency for the biodiversity not to be in the state of equilibrium. Also our terrestrial,aquatic,stream,and estuary environment will not be in the state of balance if the other organisms are not present because of the different aspects that may affect the way organisms live.

“Plastic World” as we define our century right now, the things that we see everyday are almost composed of Synthetic Polymers. Polymers are non-biodegradable and it takes thousands and millions of years to decompose but humans used plastics in everyday living. People are lacking of discipline when it comes to throwing the wastes and garbage they used, some throw it in the rivers and others throw it in the sea.See? Who will be affected? Again, marine life and the environment. I, as a biology student recommend to bury your garbage rather than burning it because it can just contribute to the depletion of the ozone layer.    Polymers are said to be contagious and dangerous for it contains different chemicals in producing such things that are made of plastics and therefore it is harmful to all living organisms. It maybe sad knowing the truth that in marine environment, many small organisms died because of those poisonous and hazardous chemicals found in the synthetic polymers floating in the rivers and seas.

Synthetic Polymers are considered to be a longterm threat to Marine life organisms and to the environment nowadays, knowing the fact that these polymers are part of the pollution in our environment. When these polymers are being thrown just anywhere, it simply contributes to the pollution and can cause damages in the habitat of the organisms living in the sea. Yes. These polymers help us to make our everyday living an easier one, but have you ever thought of our mother nature? Our environment? Look at our surroundings, its not merely beautiful as it was before. The main problem of everything is in man, who abuse their freedom in our environment, who doesn’t care about mother nature and the one who lacks discipline and initiative in simply putting the garbage wastes in correct places. Thermosets, Thermoplastics, synthetic fibers, and silk are all categorized as Synthetic polymers. We can re-use, reduce, and recycle these plastics however time will come that it can’t be use anymore. That’s the time that polymers are considered to be a pollution to our environment and since that we have the so called “equilibrium” or balance, all organisms are dependent to each other and one thing an organism did will always affect the other so does the abuse of man to nature will also affect man. I can now predict what will happen in the future through the use of synthetic polymers as a longterm threat to the environment, seeing the environment dull and meaningless to man kind and that’s the time that it can’t be called environment. Looking in the reality, man uses polymers everyday and that synthetic polymers takes million years  and not a single click to decompose. We are living in the same century, people should reduce the use of synthetic polymers everyday.


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