Autobiography of my groupmates

Hi I’m Vincent Nińo M. Candelaria, 17 years old, and here is a story of a free and simple person.

On the sixteenth (16th)  day of  January, there is a one mother who gave birth to a very cute and big child, but when the doctor  says that the child was dead because he  is so very black and he’s not breathing, the mother became emotional, but the doctor keep on trying to survive the child, she tapped at the butt of the child , and after a while the child cried and the doctor told  to the mother that the child was alive, and the mother cried because of the happiness that she was felt,  she gave love, care, importance, to her child, but after two (2) years  the child got an illness, the mother was s very worried  because of the illness  of her child, almost twice a month she go to the hospital with her child , and after a several months the illness of the child being cured.

After a several years the child became young, and he is so very excited to go to school  because he wants to have new many friends and to have a knowledge, on he grade two(2), he was on the top ten on they’re class until he graduated on elementary, and when he was on high school he felt so shy on the beginning of their  class, but when he felt that he  was comfortable, he being enjoy his high school days and after he go home he do his assignment, and do his obligation on the household, but when he was on Third (3rd) year, he felt that there is  a feeling that he can’t explain, and after a several days he realized that he is a gay, and his movement is just like a girl, but his father didn’t support him, so that he tried to act like a real boy, but he cannot take it, and he told to himself that someday his father will support him of what he is,  and he was happy when his  aunt told him that he is accepted by his  father of what he is, and he is now 2nd  in college taking  Bachelor of Science in BIOLOGY @ Partido State University , he study very well because he want to proved that he is not the pain on his parents, and he will became a DERMATOLOGIST someday.

 Klein Belleca

I was born on March 8,1998 in Naga City, Philippines. My name is Klein B. Belleca. My father is Javier A. Belleca and my mother is Filipina B. Belleca,i have a brother named B-jay B. Belleca.

I had a lot of friends who knows me more during the time when we were a child,we play the game “Puto”,that’s why people that surround me called me a 4years old kid. I grew up in Maangas Presentacion,where i was active in Girl Scout and graduated from Maangas Elementary School in 2010.

In highschool,i began feel the pressure placed on me by my teacher. I graduated as a honor of my class although i wasn’t a valedictorian perhaps because i didn’t want to give my overbearing family the satisfaction. And then i choose a large public university a lot farther from home than the small private college and that is Partido State University.

In college,i take BSBiology as my course although it was so hard for me, i was so excited even if im a little bit of nervous because of my new classmates,but now were friends after the 1st semester of class, and we know more about ourselves. My purpose in study is to finish my course for four years that’s why i pursue my college life for my family.

I’ve always hold into a quote by the singer named Harry Style:” a dream is only a dream,until you decide to make it real.” That always sounded like something i wanted to do.


My Autobiography
Hi. I’m Mayiee. Mariel Brutas Contante for complete. A Second year College student taking up BS Biology in Partido State University.
This is the Story of a person that is a simple one who dreams big.
I was born in the small town of Tigaon year 1997, having a lovable Mama and Papa, Grandparents as well. When I was just a little kid, My Mama send me to Tabaco City, Albay where I’ve grown, living with my Grandparents. That’s why they call me Lola and Lolo’s girl. No doubt, because, whenever I celebrate my Birthday, they don’t forget to send me a gift. But as time goes by, like people say, “life is not forever”, sadly My Lolo died because of the Lung Cancer when I was in Grade 5 at Tigaon Central Pilot School. And as part of growing up, I changed a lot, like from a little kid to a teenager, from being a brat to a nice one.
I studied High school at Siena College Tigaon, where I spend my teenage life with friends and classmates and I could say that being a high school student is very awesome. Why? Because it was all here, all the jamming, weird jokes, hangouts, crushes, and laughing with friends as if there’s no tomorrow. These are the thing I missed the most.
When I was already a Senior Student, I was assigned to be the CAT Leader (Corps. Commander) but sadly, fear of leading a group was my weakness, because I don’t know why I always thought that I don’t deserve that position, handling a group that is so important to the school. And I know that there some that is better than me. I can’t help myself thinking why I always thought that I’m so weak, but because of the help of my dearest friends, I overcome that fear stuffs.
College is what now what my education is. I am now near to the said facing the true life. It is says that “the meaning of life is a philosophical question concerning the significance of life or existence in general. And it can also be expressed in different forms, such as, “why are we here?” what is life all about?”, and “What is the purpose of existence?” it has been the subject of much philosophical, scientific, and theological speculation throughout the history.” But for me, it’s our precious gift that we receive from God that we must be thanking of because “Life is exceptional because we are just chosen to live to have a better future for our own and for the world.”
For my future? I’ll just work hard for that and time will come that I’ll be one of the most successful people this world. So, start dreaming and that is to Dream BIG.


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